Zooey vs. Pancreatitis: Round 1

Ever since I adopted my first cat about 2 years ago, I have been researching on random information that cat owners need to know. As I didn’t grow up with pets, having one (and now two) could be very confusing and heartwarming at the same time. Every time I find something cool about cat’s behavior and wellness, I will start telling my friends about random “cat facts.” A couple of them suggested me to put my research and writing skills into good use and start a blog but I haven’t had the time to put in the effort.

Until recently, my one-and-a-half year old kitty Zooey has been throwing up and not eating as much. The vet suspected she may have swallowed some strings or fabric that causes the sickness. Or she may have pancreatitis. Either way, it is not good news. As I was still waiting to hear about the results of the blood test, I frantically researched about the cause and symptoms of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. Just like human, the pancreas produces enzymes and insulin to digest food. When the pancreas in a cat becomes inflamed, it disrupts the flow of the enzymes into the digestive system. This causes the enzymes to flow out of the pancreas and into the abdomen. If not treated in time, the enzymes will damages other organs and lead to severe health problems. Symptoms of pancreatitis includes throwing up, diarrhea, lost of appetite, fever, dehydration etc.

When the blood test results came back from the vet, Zooey’s specFP level was 4.7. The normal range is below 3.5. But the vet said since we took her in early, the condition is not severe. With the help of some medicine, Zooey resumes her playful self, eating and drinking normally. I guess what I wonder is if diet improvement can help to prevent pancreatitis from reoccurring. Many website suggest to replace processed wet food with healthy and blend canned food. Some said fatty food triggers the pancreas to produce more enzymes, which may make cats more prone to pancreatitis. But the vet said the correlation between pancreatitis and fat only applies to dog.

Have anyone’s kitty suffered from pancreatitis before? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts.

4 responses to “Zooey vs. Pancreatitis: Round 1

  1. Hello Zooey and Gandolf! Thanks for visiting my blog….I’m 15 years old but have never had pancreatitis before HOWEVER I know lots of kitties who have and there’s a ton of info online about it. I hope you do NOT have to deal with it though as it’s definitely a “bad” thing! You two are adorable – Mom says I’m adorable too but I think I’m just plain OLD!

    Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Sammy, thank you for the kind words. It looks like it’s some sort of food allergy that causes pancreatitis. But the medicine is helping a lot. Mom will write a post to updates soon!


  2. Oh dear I do hope that Zooey gets better very soon. Gandalf you know it’s down to you to do your bit now don’t you.

    Yes it’s a pain when others are ill but then if you help them get better quickly you don’t have to help for long, well that’s the way I have always looked at it.


    The Cat


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