Cat furiendship on the Internet

Woody Travel

One of the amazing things about the Internet is that you can meet friends from around the world and form a global cat community. Today, we want to introduce our friend from Portugal, Mr Woody the Cat. He is about the same age as Zooey and he lives with two pretty humans. We started following each other on Instagram about a year ago and we have became good friends since. Even though we have never met in real life, we can tell he is a friendly curious cat that everyone adores. One thing impresses us about Woody is how he travels with his humans back and forth to visit his friend Chica and his grandma. We are not very good with car rides so it makes us wonder how he can be so good at traveling. Hopefully one day when we make our journey around the world, we will have a chance to meet each other.

Now, everyone go say meow to Woody at his Instagram and tell us some of your furiendship stories!

One response to “Cat furiendship on the Internet

  1. What a cute drawing! It’s wonderful to be a kitty and have friends all over the globe…..we have followers from EVERYWHERE and wish we could visit everyone but I HATE traveling – Mom has to wrestle me into the car to go to the vet and I will not relax in a car EVER. I have to hide my eyes so I can’t see that we’re moving. Visiting on the internet is the only visiting I’ll ever do!!

    Hugs, Sammy


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