Zooey vs. Pancreatitis Round 2

After one and a half week of tossing pills into Zooey’s mouth,  she is finally feeling better. She was prescribed with cerenia, prednisolone, and mirtazapine along with some probiotic to go with Hill’s Science Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Canned food. Cerenia is kind of the “magic pill” because it stops Zooey from throwing up. Prednisolone is a type of steriod that treats inflammation. Finally, mirtazapine is the interesting one. It works as a stimulant for appetite but it also made Zooey act differently. According to a research funded by Winn Felinw Foundation, mirtazapine usually comes in 15mg and it is given to cats in two dosage, 1.88mg or 3.5mg. Both work effectively in increasing cat’s appetite. But high dose causes behavioral change such as being more vocal and interactive. Zooey is normally not very cuddly but she has been meowing at us and rubbing herself all over us, which is super cute!

But it wasn’t all a smooth ride. Two days ago, we ran out of the prescribed food and I gave her half a can of Fancy Feast. I had a hunch about Fancy Feast causing her inflammation but I was not thinking at the time. Sure enough, she started throwing up a couple hours later until all of the wet food was out of her system after 24 dreadful hours. I was feeling so guilty the entire time so I started researching on food allergies in cats. About 10 percent of domesticated cats have some sort food allergy and they can only be allergic to food they have been exposed to for a while. But out all everything, I was the most shocked that most things cats are allergic to are also found in most cat foods, such as seafood, beef, soy, wheat gluten etc.

I had been feeding Zooey and Gandalf half a small can of tuna or salmon everyday for a couple months. If Zooey is allergic to anything, it would be some sort of seafood. This array of research made me become so aware of what is in these cans of food that I am feeding my kitties. A very helpful resource I found is “Truth about Pet Food” where it gives an idea of what are the ingredients that should be avoided. I got rid of all Fancy Feast and went shopping for healthier chocies.

Here are Zooey and Gandalf claiming their food!

Does anyone have food allergy? What kind of food do you eat?


One response to “Zooey vs. Pancreatitis Round 2

  1. For wet food I will only eat Meow Mix “pods” – the wet food and only seafood no meat. For dry food I only like Fancy Feast’s seafood (salmon) kibble. I have other health problems but so far no food allergies and I’m 15 years old!!!! Good luck to you both with your new food….hope it works to keep you healthy for many many years to come.

    Hugs, Sammy


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