We’re now part of the 1 percent

Did you know that only 1 percent of the domesticated dogs and cats in the US are covered by insurance? At least that’s what it says based on the information provided by Embrace.

Our humans first considered purchasing pet insurance when they adopted Zooey in 2013 but they were not sure if they would actually need it. But due to the recent frequent visits to the vet, they started doing some research on this again and decided they would try it out with VPI, which is owned by Nationwide (Yes, they are on the cats’ side too).The fee is about $34 per month for two kitties. Even though Zooey may not be fully covered due to her pre-existing condition, at least I can get an early start. Soon we will come up with a comprehensive comparison of the popular pet insurance coverage plans, stay tuned.

Does any of you kitties our there have insurance? What is your opinion on pet insurance? 

P.S VPI made us select a color that’s closest to our coat. Zooey is obviously a brown tabby but I remain a mystery because there is no white tabby. I went with cream point in the end. If you search cream point siamese tabby mix on Google, you will find some cat fellas that look like me. 

 – Gandalf

2 responses to “We’re now part of the 1 percent

  1. We don’t have insurance for Sammy but we’ve also been very lucky in that until his hyperthyroidism, he’s been healthy his whole 15 years. More and more people are getting pet insurance though – vet care is almost as expensive as “human” health care so every little bit helps!

    Pam (Sam’s Mom)


    • Hi Pam,
      Yes! We agree that vet care is very expensive. Three vet visits with one x-ray, two IVs, two vitamin B injections, vet consultation fee, and other medication rounds up to almost $1000 in three weeks. We really wish we had gotten Zooey insurance when she was a kitten! Lucky for us though, it’s tax season.



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