New DIY interactive feeder


Many of you should be too familiar with that feeling when your cat won’t touch the new cat toy that you just so excitedly bought. Zooey is one picky kitty. After many failed attempts to find cat toys that she likes, we began to make custom toys for her so she will absolutely love it.

A while back ago we made a dry food/treat feeder with toilet paper rolls and a shoebox. Zooey has been such a big fan that she almost won’t eat her dry food unless we put it in the feeder. Because of the daily use, it got worn down fairly quickly (also thanks to Gandalf trying to drag it around and always bite it). So Rob came up with the idea to make a permanent one out of plastic pipes and plastic box, which both are very easy to clean. We spent about $25 on three 1.5-inch pipes and one 1.25-inch pipe, and a plastic box. Since we don’t have anything to cut the pipes, we also spent $30 on a blade attachment for the Dremel so that we can cut the plastic pipes but using a saw would probably have been a simpler choice.

We measured our box and decided that each tube should be about 4 inches tall.  After cutting the pipes and sanding the edges to make them smooth, we washed the tubes and put them into the box. Gluing all the tubes together is our next step as you can see Gandalf managed to get the tube out so he can easily get to the food. Gandalf is not so thrilled that he again has to work for his food but Zooey seems really into it.


If you are interested in making an interactive feeder like ours and don’t want to deal with the whole cutting and sanding process, you can make the tubes out of toilet paper rolls or even small plastic bottles. All you need to do is find a good box, collect enough toilet paper rolls or plastic bottles, and then glue them together. You can cut holes on the side of each tube to so that food can drop from one tube into another.

What do you think of our feeders? Have you made any cat toys yourself? Can’t wait to hear everyone’s idea!


5 responses to “New DIY interactive feeder

  1. Brilliant idea! Looks like a lot of fun too……back when Sam was a kitten, we used to tape little bells inside toilet paper tubes – he loved rolling them along and hearing the bells. That’s about it though for DIY – Sam has always preferred things like wooden spoons and wads of paper over store-bought toys anyway!


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