Zooey vs. Pancreatitis – Round 3: The mysterious case of a button

After weeks of worrying, the mystery is finally solved. It wasn’t food allergy or pancreatitis. It was a button instead.

A week ago I thought Zooey was recovering from pancreatitis, but three days ago she started vomiting. We knew it was probably something else since she had been on medication for almost a month and a young cat like her would have healed completely. Rob and I took Zooey to get an ultrasound done on Friday and we were told that there was a foreign object in her stomach. We scheduled to have a surgery done immediately and a button almost the size of a quarter was found in her intestine. Luckily, the edge of the button was curved so her gut did not suffer from any major damage. The vet said it was stretched a bit but no part of the intestine was removed.

It probably started out as a partial blockage, which explained the ups and downs on her recovery throughout the past couple weeks. But then the button must have gotten to a place where it could not move any further and turned into a full blockage. In retrospect, when we first took her to the vet, rather then doing an x-ray and blood test, we probably should have opted for an abdominal ultrasound. That would have let us see the clear picture sooner and saved Zooey from two weeks of uncomfortable time. But we are just really glad that this is all taken care of now. What a relief! From now on, I will devote my effort in making sure all the cat toys are safe and no random tiny household items lying around. It may sound paranoid, but I really don’t want any of my kitties to go through this another time.

So all the kitties out there, listen up, rule number one, buttons are not food. 


P.S. Strings, rubber band, hair ties, clothes are not food either.

– Jocelyn

5 responses to “Zooey vs. Pancreatitis – Round 3: The mysterious case of a button

  1. I think that was one of the first things we realized when we got a cat – they get into EVERYTHING and anything is a “toy” !! Rubber bands, paper clips all manner of things that if they decide it’s something to eat, can do them great harm. So glad that Zooey is alright now!

    Pam and Sam


    • Hi Pam and Sam,
      Thanks for the kind words! Cats’ curious nature is definitely something that I love but at the same time worry for them sometimes. Silly little kitties!
      – jocelyn


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