That’s how you rock a cone

Hi kitties friends out there, I am back home today!

The surgery was not a fun experience but I am glad it is all over now. Dr. Millen said I should have small frequent meals for the next ten days so I can slowly get used to eating again. She said I did not pass any stool while I was at the hospital and told mom to keep an eye on me. Well, once I got home, I pooped in the litter box. I just feel so much better to use a familiar litter box if you know what I mean.

Gandalf seems to be pleased to see me. He kept head butting me and following me around. Maybe he smelled the doggie that was staying next door at the hospital.

Because of the surgery, my belly is shaved now and I am a little self-conscious. But nothing intrigues me more than this cone. I have heard others call it “the cone of shame” but I would rather believe that I look quite precious in it.  If you think about it, it looks just like a bonnet and it may as well be my fashionable item for the next ten days.

Has anyone wore a cone before? What is your experience with it?

– Zooey the trendy cat


3 responses to “That’s how you rock a cone

  1. Zooey I’m glad you’re OK after your surgery……you do look like you have a cute little bonnet on and it also looks like it’s not really bothering you that much to have it. Maybe because it’s smallish AND see-thru? Anyway, glad you’re alright!! I’ve never had to wear a cone before but I’m sure I wouldn’t look as cute in it as you do.

    Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Sammy,
      Thank you! I think a clear cone definitely makes things easier for me! I had a little trouble catching the ball that Gandalf was playing with but I guess I am not supposed to move around too much. I hope you will never need to wear a cone!


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