Is this a toy, treat, or both?


One of the many treats mum got from Hong Kong was these edible slinky toys. You must be thinking: WHAT? We know, that was what we thought when we first saw it too. The video below is our attempt to check out this toy treat:

We tasted parts of it and concluded that it was more fun as a toy so we didn’t eat the rest. Instead, we dragged it across the room.According to the package, it is made out of mostly fish and flour. It has a dried noodle-like texture. We must say that the Japanese are very creative with their cat treats. It’s fun and edible so there is no need to worry what if one of us accidentally eat it (as you all know what happened to Zooey last time).


Since we have extra packs, we are doing our first giveaway here.


If you want to try this slinky cat treat, please like this post and leave a comment. You can also share it with your followers but that’s optional to join the giveaway. By the end of this week, we will pick a winner among our WordPress and Instagram friends.

– Gandalf the foodie cat


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